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  1. Jan. 2008

    An Assessment of Competition in the Portuguese Banking System in the 1991-2004 Period

  2. Jan. 2009

    Wealth effects on consumption in Portugal: a microeconometric approach

  3. Jan. 2009

    Capital Structure decisions in the Portuguese corporate sector

  4. Jan. 2009

    An Assessment of Capital Requirements under Basel II: The Portuguese Case

  5. Jan. 2010

    An Application of Contingent Claim Analysis to the Portuguese Banking System

  6. Jan. 2010

    Bank Relationships and Borrowing Costs

  7. Jan. 2010

    Inter-Sector Relations in the Portuguese Economy: an Application of Contingent

  8. Jan. 2010

    Household Credit Delinquency: Does the Borrowers’ Indebtedness Profile Play A Role?

  9. Jan. 2010

    Access to Bank Credit after Corporate Default

  10. Jan. 2011

    Bank loans and banks’ corporate control: evidence for Portugal