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  1. Jan. 2008

    The determinants of portuguese banks' capital buffers

  2. Jan. 2005

    Determinants of bank’s financing costs in the bond market

  3. Jan. 2005

    Indebtedness and wealth of portuguese households

  4. Jan. 2005

    Estimates of expected losses in credit portfolios – an application of survival analysis to firms with defaulted credit

  5. Jan. 2006

    The Survival of New Firms: Impact of Idiosyncratic and Environmental Factors

  6. Jan. 2006

    Estimating Probabilities of Default under Macroeconomic Scenarios

  7. Jan. 2006

    Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book

  8. Jan. 2007

    Modelling of an Indicator for Credit Scoring of Non-Financial Corporations – a Preliminary Research Based on Discriminant Analysis

  9. Jan. 2007

    The Distribution of Losses in Credit to Non-Financial Firms

  10. Jan. 2008

    Indebtedness of Portuguese Households: Recent Evidence Based on the Household Wealth Survey 2006-2007