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  1. Monographs and series

  2. 15 Sep. 2020

    Opening remarks by Director Luís Laginha de Sousa at Sustainable Finance – Sharing experiences on green financial services

  3. 15 Mar. 2021

    Opening remarks by Governor Mário Centeno at the Joint Banco de Portugal and European Investment Bank Webinar "Investment, digitalization and green financing - The Portuguese case"

  4. 15 Apr. 2021

    Banco de Portugal establishes supervisory expectations on the management of climate and environmental-related risks [for the less significant institutions under its direct supervision]

  5. 25 Dec. 2014

    Initial address by the Chair of the Resolution Fund's Management Committee and Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal before the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the management of BES and GES

  6. 17 Nov. 2017

    Concluding remarks by Director Luís Laginha de Sousa at the Joint ECB and Banco de Portugal Conference on "The use of narrative information in assessing the effectiveness of macroprudential policies"

  7. 21 Jan. 2019

    Opening address by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa, at the Investment, innovation and digitalisation conference: the Portuguese case

  8. 13 May. 2020

    Press release of the Banco de Portugal on the Annual Report – Activities and Financial Statements 2019

  9. 02 Oct. 2003

    Speech by the Governor at the dinner in honour of the Governing Council of the European Central Bank - Queluz

  10. History