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  1. 04 Mar. 2020

    The Money Museum now has a new room dedicated to the functions of Banco de Portugal

  2. 16 Mar. 2020

    Public Consultation of Banco de Portugal No. 2/2020 – Guidelines applying to the selling of retail banking products and services through digital channels

  3. 16 Mar. 2020

    Press release of Banco de Portugal on the COVID-19 response measures

  4. 17 Feb. 2020

    Opening address by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa, at the Joint Banco de Portugal, Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics and European Central Bank Conference

  5. 29 Apr. 2019

    Report on Payment Systems. Learn about the evolution of payments in Portugal in 2018

  6. 03 Jun. 2019

    Press release of Banco de Portugal on the commercialisation of banking products and services in digital channels in Portugal

  7. 08 Oct. 2019

    Opening remarks by Governor, Carlos da Silva Costa, at the "Banco de Portugal’s 2019 Conference on Financial Stability"

  8. 07 Mar. 2013

    Press Release from Banco de Portugal regarding news reports about recent investigations into suspected price fixing in the banking sector

  9. 10 Oct. 2019

    Press Release of Banco de Portugal on the October 2019 issue of the Economic Bulletin

  10. 12 Jul. 2019

    Address by Governor Carlos da Silva Costa at the Conference held by the Central Bank of Iceland: “Looking back and looking forward: How do we preserve monetary and financial stability?”