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Publications — Banco de Portugal

Portuguese Banking System

This publication presents information on developments in the Portuguese banking system, based on indicators on balance-sheet structure, asset quality, liquidity and financing, profitability, solvency and leveraging, as well as macroeconomic data.

For a more in-depth analysis of the Portuguese banking system, please consult the Financial Stability Report.


Note: On 22 April 2020, by issuing Circular Letter of the Banco de Portugal No CC/2020/00000028, which follows on from an EBA press release and the approach set by the ECB for significant institutions, the Banco de Portugal allowed the institutions to extend the time limit for sending a set of financial and prudential information. A significant part of this information is the basis for the analysis presented in the publication “Portuguese banking system”. Thus, the publication date of the next issue, initially scheduled for 2 July, is postponed to 6 August.

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