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Statistical Bulletin - April 2021

In 2019 the Banco de Portugal launched a new statistical dissemination portal. With the new BPstat portal coming into effect, the Statistical Bulletin will be discontinued in April 2021, when the Banco de Portugal will publish the last statistics for 2020: the corporations in the Central Balance Sheet Database, which is scheduled to be published on 16 April 2021.

To make for a smoother transition, the Banco de Portugal presents a match between the information currently published in the Statistical Bulletin and the information released in the BPstat.

Check it here: Match Statistical Bulletin | BPstat

Statistical Bulletin - April 2021

Apr. 2021
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Statistical Bulletin - March 2021 - complete version
B. Monetary and Financial Statistics
C. Balance of Payments and International Investment Statistics
D. Exchange Rate Statistics
E. Public Finance Statistics
F. National Financial Accounts
H. General Statistics
J. Payment systems