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The public sector pay gap in a selection of Euro area countries

Mojca Roter
Lukas Reiss
Javier J. Perez
Evangelia Papapetrou
Bruno Eugène
Domenico Depalo
Raffaela Giordano
Publication Year 
We investigate the public-private wage differentials in ten euro area countries (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain) in the pre-crisis period (2004-2007). To account for differences in employment characteristics between the two sectors, we focus on micro data taken from EU-SILC. The results point to a conditional pay differential in favour of our public sector proxy that is generally higher for women, at the low tail of the wage distribution, in the Education and the Public administration sectors rather than in the Health sector. Notable differences emerge across countries, with Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain exhibiting higher public sector premia than other countries