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A portrait of Portuguese international traders of non-tourism services

Birgitte Ringstad
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The role of services international trade on firms' activities has been growing in the recent decades and its study is an active topic of research. This article uses firm-level data on Portuguese international traders of non-tourism services, combined with detailed balance-sheet information, and offers two types of insights. Firstly, we draw a detailed profile of Portuguese exporters and importers of services in dimensions like sector of activity, age, size, productivity and profitability. Secondly, we explore the firm-year-service-country detail of the data to examine the service and geographical portfolios of Portuguese traders. We confirm most of the evidence observed for other countries, namely the high degree of firm-level heterogeneity in services trade and the concentration of trade flows both between and within-firms. We also show that two-way traders play a prominent role in Portuguese international trade of non-tourism services.
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