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Endogenous Growth and Real Effects of Monetary Policy: R&D and Physical Capital Complementarities

Pedro Mazeda Gil
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We study the real long-run effects of the structural stance of monetary policy and of inflation, in the context of a monetary growth model where R&D is complemented with physical capital accumulation. We look into the effects on a set of real macroeconomic variables that have been of interest to policymakers—the economic growth rate, real interest rate, physical investment rate, capital-to-labor ratio, R&D intensity, and velocity of money. These variables have been previously analyzed from the perspective of different, separated, strands of the theoretical and empirical literature. Additionally, we analyze the long-run relationship between inflation and both the effectiveness of real industrial-policy shocks and the market structure, assessed namely by average firm size. We present novel cross-country evidence on the empirical relationship between the latter and long-run inflation.