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An assessment of companies’ competitiveness in Portugal and in some European countries

Cloé Magalhães
Mário Lourenço
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This article analyses the competitiveness of companies from five Euro area countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Belgium) in the period 2008-2018, using a composite Enterprise Competitiveness Indicator (ECI) obtained from the individual financial statements. The ECI aggregates six relevant dimensions for the analysis of competitiveness: return, production costs, productivity, access to resources, risk and quality orientation. Based on the median value of the ECI, the analysis of this article suggests that, in this period, the competitiveness of Portuguese companies was always below the one observed in the remaining countries under analysis, despite the favorable evolution registered in recent years. The difference between the competitiveness of Portuguese companies and that of the remaining countries results, to a large extent, from their performance in terms of productivity and access to resources. In general terms, this behavior is registered across different size classes and sectors of activity.
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