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Adding Value to Bank Branch Performance Evaluation Using Cognitive Maps and MCDA: A Case Study

Sérgio P. Santos
Fernando A. F. Ferreira
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C44 - Statistical Decision Theory; Operations Research
G21 - Banks; Other Depository Institutions; Mortgages
L25 - Firm Size and Performance
M10 - General
The performance evaluation of bank branches is a difficult task. One of the main reasons for this difficulty is the complexity inherent in the variety of aspects to be considered in the evaluation, and the multiple and conflicting interests of the different stakeholders involved. In this paper we aim to show how cognitive mapping and the MACBETH approach can be used to support the evaluation of bank branches through the development of multidimensional performance evaluation systems, and to deal explicitly with the trade-offs between the different dimensions of performance and interests of different stakeholders. A case study is discussed where these techniques are used in a constructive way, making the learning activity easier and introducing transparency in the decision making process. The strengths and weaknesses of the integrated use of these two operational research techniques in this context are also discussed.
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