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What are the impacts of COVID-19 on companies?

Statistics Portugal and Bank of Portugal launched the Fast and Exceptional Enterprise Survey (COVID-IREE) with the aim of identifying the effects of the pandemic on business activity. This information is necessary in order to be able to recognise trends and to envisage lines to be followed to mitigate economic impacts, namely on enterprises themselves.

What is the impact of the new general lockdown on the situation of companies?

In the first half of February 2021, 92% of the companies were in production or functioning, even if partially, which compares with 82% in the first half of April 2020 (first general lockdown) (+10 p.p.).

62% of companies recorded a reduction in turnover in the first half of February (compared to the same period last year), which compares with 81% in the first half of April 2020 (-19 p.p.).

Admitting the effective control of the pandemic in 2021, 32% of companies believe that the turnover will return to normal in an average interval of 10.1 months. 10% of companies consider that they will not return to the normal level.

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