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Statistical quality

The statistical data compiled and published by Banco de Portugal complies with the quality management guidelines and rules laid down in national and international documents and reference manuals.


Banco de Portugal’s statistics are transparent

The phases of the statistical process (collecting, processing, exploring and disseminating data) comply with best practices and concepts, definitions and methodologies accepted at national and international level, laid down in the documents provided on Banco de Portugal’s website and the websites of national and international organisations.


They are accurate and reliable

Banco de Portugal receives input statistical data from different data sources, using various collection processes in order to select the source and process that provides the highest quality data for each statistical field. Basic information gives priority to the compilation of micro-data for more effective quality control.



Significant changes to the methodology are duly and timely published on Banco de Portugal’s website. The revision of previously published statistics comply with the procedures laid down in the Statistics Revision Policy of Banco de Portugal.


And can be found on the Internet free of charge

Banco de Portugal provides statistical data and related metadata in BPstat and the Statistical Bulletin free of charge, in accordance with the calendar published at the start of each year.


Unpublished, non-confidential information may be provided upon written request (to, subject to internal assessment.

Quality management guidelines and rules