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Sector tables

Banco de Portugal publishes statistical information on Portuguese enterprises.

This information is part of a database managed by Banco de Portugal – the "Central Balance Sheet Database" – which has benefited since 2006 from the accounting data contained in the IES – Simplified Corporate Information (Informação Empresarial Simplificada).

This information is published online:


Anyone can consult detailed information online on Portuguese enterprises, by economic activity sector and size class

The sector tables contain a range of economic and financial indicators on Portuguese enterprises, presented by sector of economic activity and size class.

These indicators, calculated annually, are available from 2006 onwards and can be consulted via the Sector Tables link

Furthermore, the sector tables allow the comparison between Portuguese enterprises and enterprises in other European countries. The information on enterprises from other European countries is collected from the Bank for the Accounts of Companies Harmonized (BACH) database, available here.


You can download the data in Excel format

When consulting the sector tables, you will find a set of dashboards with the main economic and financial indicators for the economic activity sector and size class for the five most recent years available. 

The information is presented by themes: general highlights; overview; activity and profitability; liquidity and cash; cash flows; funding structure; risk; balance sheet (structure); quartiles; and international comparison.

You can download a PDF report that contains a broader set of indicators and economic and financial ratios for a five-year time horizon. You can also download to Excel the complete set of available indicators for the same economic activity sector and size class.