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Reporting of external transactions and positions

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For any issue related to statistics on external transactions and positions, contact us via the email address or the telephone number +351 213 130 000.


Log in to report external transactions and positions to Banco de Portugal (available only in Portuguese).

Note: The session expires after 90 minutes of inactivity. The COPE collection application does not support Internet Explorer 8.0. If you are currently using it, please update to a more recent version or use a different browser.

Covered entities: All legal persons residing or pursuing their business in Portugal, conducting external economic or financial transactions or foreign exchange operations equal to or greater than €100,000 considering total inflows and outflows are required to report their external transactions and positions to Banco de Portugal.

Frequency: The information should be reported on a monthly basis, up to the 15th business day following the end of the month to which the data refer.

Change in the user/enterprise data: To update user or enterprise data, access the Corporate Area and select ‘Opções/Configurações’.

Auxiliary file for the creation of the XML file: This file aims to assist the reporting of statistical information in accordance with the provisions of Instruction No 27/2012 and may be used to create the XML file referred therein. It is a work tool prepared by Banco de Portugal for in-house purposes and may be made available to reporting entities as an auxiliary instrument for the creation of an XML file according to the schema set out. This file should not be understood as an application developed by Banco de Portugal, and its availability does not require Banco de Portugal to provide any type of support associated with its installation, use or maintenance over time as a result of any changes to statistical requirements or support tables (e.g. the amendment of a financial institution code).

Banco de Portugal will not be liable for any misuse of this file.