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Report on the activity carried out in Portugal under the freedom to provide services

Article 64 of Notice No 2/2018 of 26 September 2018 requires that financial entities with their head office in another EU Member State submit to Banco de Portugal, until February 28, a report on the activity carried in the previous year to/ from the Portuguese territory under the freedom to provide services.

The information shall be reported in accordance with Instruction No 25/2020 of 24 September 2020 to the e-mail address To this end, reporting entities shall make use of the Excel file below, to be filled pursuant to the instructions also made available below.

Any further enquiries related to this report may also be addressed to the e-mail


Documents for the report on the activity carried out in Portugal under the freedom to provide services

  1. Communication model – file containing the instructions for completing the report
  2. Excel file for reporting information
    LPS_0000_20210212.xlsx – file with minimum information to be submitted with the report; 
    LPS_0000_20210212_Manual_EN.xlsx – file for manual completion of the report, containing the names of the items; 
  3. Example files for each of the three types of institutions under FPS
    LPS_9999_20200228_T1.xlsx – example file for payment institutions; 
    LPS_9999_20200228_T2.xlsx – example file for electronic money institutions; 
    LPS_9999_20200228_T3.xlsx – example file for credit institutions and financial companies; 
  4. Tables supporting file completion
    LPS_TAs_20201231_EN.xlsx – file with supporting information for completing the report.