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I have lost my documents

On request of members of the public, Banco de Portugal disseminates information on the following through the banking system, free of charge:

  • Loss, theft, falsification, counterfeiting or unlawful use of personal identification documents;
  • Recovery, replacement or other alteration relating to the status or validity of personal identification documents that have been subject to prior request.

Personal identification documents covered by the service are the following: citizen's card, identity card, tax identification number card, passport, resident's permit.

Members of the public must make a new request to Banco de Portugal whenever the personal identification documents that led to the dissemination request are recovered, replaced or otherwise undergo alterations to their status or validity. Banco de Portugal will disseminate that new request through the banking system.

Under normal conditions, Banco de Portugal informs the banking system on the loss or recovery of personal identification documents within five working days following submission of the respective dissemination request.



Important note

This service does not cover loss, theft, falsification, counterfeiting or unlawful use of bank cards, cheques or other means of payment. In these situations, the respective account-holders should contact the issuer of that means of payment as soon as possible. In the case of bank cards, here (in Portuguese only) is a list of issuers and their contact details.


How to proceed

To ask Banco de Portugal to disseminate information regarding personal identification documents:

  • Fill in and submit the online form (available on the Bank Customer Website); or
  • Print and fill in the form provided below in writing. Deliver the form duly filled in to a Banco de Portugal information desk or send it to the following address: 


Banco de Portugal

Agência de Faro

Pç. D. Francisco Gomes, n.º 11

8000-168 Faro


Irrespective of the method used to request the service, you should always append to the request the legal or police form or declaration that proves the occurrence of the event.

For further information, see Circular Letter No CC/2020/00000015 of 16 March 2020.