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Head office of Banco de Portugal

Head office of Banco de Portugal

The buildings which make up the block where the Bank’s head office is situated are the result of the gradual integration of a set of eight buildings and the Church of S. Julião, which the Bank acquired from 1868 to 1933.

Although the exterior facade seems homogenous, various changes to the interior of the buildings (due to the Bank’s evolving operational needs and the subsequent integration of the buildings) have resulted in their structure gradually becoming more fragile and therefore in need of urgent rehabilitation.

The Bank decided to restore the structure of the buildings as it was no longer possible to resort to temporary or partial solutions.

Head office rehabilitation and restoration

Banco de Portugal decided to rehabilitate and restore its head office in 2007. A number of needs were taken into account during the building work:

• the overall rehabilitation of the building, including its structural reinforcement;
• compliance with the Eurocodes in terms of earthquake resistance and fire protection;
• the adoption of several security devices and emergency exits;
• the optimisation of the building’s energy solutions;
• the installation of the Bank’s Money Museum.

Project to rehabilitate Baixa/Chiado

The installation of the Bank’s museum is part of a project by Lisbon City Hall to revitalise Baixa/Chiado.

In September 2006 the Comissariado para a Reabilitação da Baixa/Chiado (Commission for the rehabilitation of Baixa/Chiado) proposed that the integrated financial centre located in Baixa/Chiado (which includes the Bank’s head office building) be reinforced as an important contribution to rehabilitate this area. This would keep the location of the financial institutions’ decision-making centres in the area and create public areas, such as art exhibition rooms and other cultural venues.

Banco de Portugal expressed its willingness to house the future Money Museum in the Church of S. Julião, as part of the work to rehabilitate and restore the head office building.