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H. General statistics

Access the data domains National accountsGDP expenditure approachEconomic activity indicatorsConfidence indicatorsSectorial indicators - Manufacturing,  Sectorial indicators -  TradeSectorial indicators - ServicesSectorial indicators - ConstructionPopulation and labour marketPopulation, employment and unemploymentPricesConsumer price index and Harmonized index of consumer prices of BPstat and explore the various tables matching to Statistical Bulletin publication in the sections below.


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H.1.1 - Industrial production indices (2015=100)

H.1.2 - Industrial turnover indices (2015=100)

H.1.3 - Manufacturing survey - Total1

H.1.4 - Manufacturing survey - Consumption1

H.1.5 - Manufacturing survey - Intermediate goods1

H.1.6 - Manufacturing survey - Vehicles manufacturing1

H.1.7 - Manufacturing survey - Other equipment goods1

H.1.8 - Rate of capacity utilization in manufacturing - Breakdown by type of goods

H.1.9 - Construction and public works

H.1.10 - Permits issued and building completions

H.1.11 - Construction and public works survey1

H.1.12 - Energy

H.1.13 - Turnover index in services

H.1.14 - Retail trade index (2015=100)1

H.1.15 - Real retail trade turnover index (2015=100)

H.1.16 - Trade survey - Balance of respondents1

H.1.17 - Tourism: Number of nights spent - by country of main residence

H.1.18 - Vehicles

H.1.19 - Confidence indicators

1Information available in