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Forum for Banking Conduct Supervision

Banco de Portugal created the Forum for Banking Conduct Supervision to involve the supervised entities and representatives of bank customers in the definition of its regulatory work in the retail banking markets. 

Alongside Banco de Portugal, the following are represented in this forum:

  • The Portuguese Ombudsman; 
  • The Directorate General for Consumer;
  • The Credit Mediator; 
  • The Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection (Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor – DECO); 
  • The Portuguese Association of Users and Consumers of Financial Products and Services (Associação Portuguesa dos Utilizadores e Consumidores de Serviços e Produtos Financeiros – SEFIN); 
  • The Consumers' Association of Portugal (Associação de Consumidores de Portugal – ACOP); 
  • The Confederation of Portuguese Business (Confederação Empresarial de Portugal – CIP); 
  • The Portuguese Commerce and Services Confederation (Confederação do Comércio e Serviços de Portugal – CCP); 
  • The Portuguese Tourism Confederation (A Confederação do Turismo Português – CTP);
  • The Portuguese Services Confederation (A Confederação dos Serviços de Portugal – CSP); 
  • The Portuguese Banking Association (Associação Portuguesa de Bancos – APB);
  • The Association of Specialised Credit Institutions (Associação das Instituições de Crédito Especializado – ASFAC); 
  • The Portuguese Association of Leasing, Factoring and Renting (Associação Portuguesa de Leasing, Factoring e Renting – ALF);
  • The Indebted Consumers Guidance Office (Gabinete de Orientação ao Endividamento dos Consumidores – GOEC);
  • The Portuguese Association of Bank Users (Associação Portuguesa de Usuários de Serviços Bancários – APUSBANC Consumo).

The Forum also includes four credit institutions on a rotating basis, indicated each year by the financial sector associations.