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The Eurosystem cash strategy

Banknotes and coins (i.e. cash) are the most frequently used means of payment within the euro area and the only form of public money to which everyone has direct access. 

Cash has other important functions and benefits:


Main advantages for cash

The European Central Bank (ECB) and the euro area national central banks (including the Banco de Portugal) – i.e. the Eurosystem – have a responsibility, together with the banking sector, to ensure the smooth supply of banknotes and coins and facilitate their use by people and businesses to make payments, given that cash is essential for the financial inclusion of all groups in society.

The Eurosystem’s cash strategy guarantees that cash remains widely available and accepted as both a means of payment and a store of value.

In the Eurosystem, we:

  • ensure the availability of euro banknotes and coins;
  • support access to cash services for everyone;
  • make sure that cash is accepted everywhere;
  • develop innovative and secure euro banknotes;
  • keep banknotes safe and sustainable.