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Enterprise and sector tables

Make your enterprise grow

If you have a business, you can consult the enterprise and sector tables for your enterprise on Banco de Portugal’s website (in the Corporate Area, available only in Portuguese). 

The enterprise and sector tables allow you to compare the indicators for your enterprise with those for the economic activity sector and size class it is in. You can also compare your enterprise’s performance with other sectors of economic activity or size classes. 

To consult the enterprise and sector tables, you have to log in to the website’s Corporate Area.


Compare your enterprise with those of other European countries

The enterprise and sector tables include economic and financial information on enterprises from other European countries, collected from the Bank for the Accounts of Companies Harmonized (BACH) database, available here. 


For any questions contact us

If you have any questions on the sector tables or enterprise and sector tables, contact Banco de Portugal at the following email address: