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E-commerce recorded a very pronounced increase during the pandemic crisis


Economics in a picture: The e-commerce recorded a very pronounced increase during the pandemic crisis

Digital technologies have assumed a key role in the functioning of the economy and the society during the pandemic crisis. This can be illustrated by the very significant use of communication networks and infrastructure from the first quarter of 2020 onwards, particularly during the peak periods of the pandemic containment measures. By allowing physical distancing, digital technologies have proven to be key to preserve the socio-economic system, particularly in areas such as education, remote work and e-commerce.

Online shopping has been showing an upward trend since the first quarter of 2020, with significant increases in periods when the pandemic containment measures were more restrictive. The share of online shopping was particularly noteworthy when the emergency state was in force, reaching its peak in February 2021 (19%).


For more details see Box 6 “The importance of digital technologies during the pandemic crisis”, published in the Economic Bulletin of Banco de Portugal, May 2021.


Prepared by Fernando Martins. The analyses, opinions and findings expressed above represent the views of the authors and not necessarily those of Banco de Portugal or the Eurosystem.


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