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Report on the activity carried out in Portugal under the freedom to provide services

  1. Communication model – file containing the instructions for completing the report
  2. Excel file for reporting information
    LPS_0000_20210212.xlsx – file with minimum information to be submitted with the report; 
    LPS_0000_20210212_Manual_EN.xlsx – file for manual completion of the report, containing the names of the items; 
  3. Example files for each of the three types of institutions under FPS
    LPS_9999_20200228_T1.xlsx – example file for payment institutions; 
    LPS_9999_20200228_T2.xlsx – example file for electronic money institutions; 
    LPS_9999_20200228_T3.xlsx – example file for credit institutions and financial companies; 
  4. Tables supporting file completion
    LPS_TAs_20201231_EN.xlsx – file with supporting information for completing the report. 


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