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Financial education

Banco de Portugal promotes the financial information and education of bank customers, complementing the regulation and oversight of the retail banking markets.

More informed bank customers, with greater financial literacy, take better decisions suited to their risk profile and means. They are also more vigilant and demanding as customers.

To promote financial information and education, Banco de Portugal provides useful information on banking products and services, simulators, a glossary of financial terms, and answers to frequently asked questions, through the Bank Customer website (in Portuguese only). This site publishes leaflets and brochures on the main banking products and services. 

Banco de Portugal also runs financial education training sessions, for which the geographic spread is supported by its regional network.  

Banco de Portugal is also actively involved in the National Plan for Financial Education (in Portuguese only), promoted with the other financial supervisors and in partnership with a broad set of entities (including government ministries, financial sector associations, consumer associations, corporate associations and trade unions).