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Collector coins

Collector coins are chiefly investor or collectible coins.

Collector coins have different features from those meant for circulation. In Portugal, these features are published in the Official Gazette (Diário da República).

The face value of collector coins must differ from that of normal coins, although it may be the same as the face value of euro banknotes.

Given that their finish may vary and may be made from precious metals, collector coins may be sold at their face value or at a higher price.


Acceptance as means of payment

Collector coins are legal tender only in the euro area country that has issued them.

Similarly to circulation coins, the discharging power of normal coins is limited to 50 units. This means that no party is obliged to accept more than 50 coins in any single payment, except for the State (via treasury offices), Banco de Portugal and deposit-taking credit institutions.

The quantity of coins available may be conditional on the stock levels.