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Board of Directors' Calendars

On this webpage, Banco de Portugal discloses the calendars of the Members of its Board of Directors. The calendars are released with a three-month lag and supplement the information available on other Banco de Portugal webpages. This information has been available since April 2019, with reference to January 2019.

The calendars include information on the engagements of Members of Banco de Portugal’s Board of Directors in performing the tasks assigned to them according to the respective delegation of powers, as well as information on the engagements of the Governor, Mário Centeno, and the Director, Ana Paula Serra, respectively as a member of the ECB Governing Council and as a member of the Supervisory Board.

The calendars include all planned and organised meetings and events with an agenda or discussion topics, most notably: institutional meetings, lectures, conferences and events, as well as engagements with third parties (including the media), except where the disclosure of information would undermine the protection of public interest recognised at EU and national level. Meetings within the scope of the Eurosystem and the Single Supervisory Mechanism are excluded.

The disclosed information includes the date, name of participants/organising bodies, topic and venue of the meeting/event. Participants’ names are released only for meetings with national or international public authorities. To ensure the confidentiality of the supervisory dialogue, meetings with supervised entities attended by Members that perform specific supervisory tasks do not feature the name of said entity or the topic being discussed. 

By disclosing the calendars of the Governor and the Director, respectively as a member of the ECB Governing Council and as a member of the Supervisory Board, Banco de Portugal meets the obligation set in Article 8 of the Code of Conduct for high-level European Central Bank Officials, published in March 2019, with the aim of ensuring maximum transparency of high-level ECB officials in their interaction with third parties.

For transparency and accountability purposes, Banco de Portugal has also decided to release the calendars of other Members of the Board of Directors.


Former Board of Directors' Calendars