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Banco de Portugal Research Agenda

The research agenda identifies priority topics that are particularly relevant to accomplish the Strategic Plan of the Banco de Portugal 21-25.

Studies are an essential part of the analytical framework that informs the decisions made by the Bank to achieve its mission of maintaining price stability and promoting the stability of the financial system. They are also crucial for the Bank to fulfil its statutory obligation to provide advice to the Government in economics and finance.

The agenda is organised into five research topics:

Banco de Portugal Research Agenda

The Bank wants to strengthen research on some key topics, already on the 2018-20 research agenda, such as topics directly related to its mission or to Portugal’s economic growth and public policies. At the same time, it intends to tackle new research challenges arising from global changes in recent years, for instance digitalisation or climate change and energy transition. 

By making the research agenda public, the Bank wants to facilitate the desirable collaboration with academia and the external research community.


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Agenda de Estudos do Banco de Portugal 18-20