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Are you a bank customer? Banco de Portugal has a set of services for you

Find info.

On the Bank Customer Website.

The Bank Customer Website has useful information on banking products and services and on bank customers’ rights and obligations. The site is managed by Banco de Portugal.


The fees applied by the credit institutions.

On the Bank Customer Website's fees comparator, you can compare the fees applied to services linked to payment accounts.

The Bank Customer Website also has leaflets of fees and expenses of the credit institutions’ price lists, containing information on the maximum values for all fees that the institutions can charge for the products and services they offer. 


Check up.

Your accounts map.

Lost track of your accounts? On Banco de Portugal's website you can find information free of charge on the deposit, payment, credit and financial instrument accounts in your name. 

Your credit map. 

Go to the Banco de Portugal website to look up information free of charge on all the credit in your name.

Information on cheques.

Banco de Portugal's website has information on whether you are on the List of Cheque Defaulters.


Tell us and protect yourself.

Lost your wallet? Can't find your ID? 

Banco de Portugal will tell the banking system free of charge about it. In this way, the banks can act more quickly if anyone tries to carry out an illegal financial transaction in your name, using your documents.



About the selling of banking products and services.

Complain directly to Banco de Portugal if you believe that a credit institution, financial company, payment institution, electronic money institution or credit intermediary has acted inappropriately in selling any banking product or service. Fill out the form available on the Bank Customer Website.



Banco de Portugal answers your questions.

Fill out the form available on the Bank Customer Website to send us your questions on the rules applying to the sale of banking products and services.

Banco de Portugal's answer to issues related to banking products and services is designed exclusively to help customers. 

The information provided by Banco de Portugal is not binding for the purposes of resolving any administrative proceedings or lawsuits, does not constitute professional or legal opinion, nor involve any advice, recommendation, invitation or suggestion to subscribe to any kind of bank service.



Banco de Portugal regulates and supervises credit institutions, financial companies, payment institutions, electronic money institutions and credit intermediaries. 

Banco de Portugal:

  • Does not make commercial transactions: does not grant credit, does not provide deposit accounts nor sell financial products to private individuals;
  • Does not provide financial advice.