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AMI-SeCo-PT is a contact group chaired by Banco de Portugal which facilitates dialogue with market participants on issues related to the clearing and settlement of securities and to collateral management.

Jointly with counterparts from other Member States, AMi-SeCo-PT is part of the Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Securities and Collateral (AMI-SeCo).

AMI-SeCo is an advisory body to the Eurosystem on matters related to payments, securities clearing and settlement and collateral management. It brings together T2S users (banks and their representatives), central securities depositories, central counterparties and national central banks.


AMI-SeCo NSG-PT list of members

AMI-SeCo NSG-PT is chaired by Banco de Portugal and comprises representatives of:

  • Interbolsa
  • Portuguese Securities Market Commission
  • Portuguese Treasury and Debt Management
  • Portuguese Banking Association
  • Caixa Geral de Depósitos, SA
  • Caixa Central - Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola Mútuo, CRL
  • Banco Comercial Português, SA
  • Banco Santander Totta, SA
  • Novo Banco, SA 
  • Banco BPI, SA
  • BNP Securities Services – Portuguese branch
  • Deutsche Bank AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT - Portuguese branch
  • Citibank Europe PLC - Portuguese branch
  • Associação de Empresas Emitentes de Valores Cotados em Mercado – AEM (an association of companies that issue market-listed securities)
  • SIBS Forward Payment Solutions, S.A.


Click here for the agenda and summary of each meeting held by AMI-SeCo NSG-PT (and NUG-PT) in Portugal.