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Banco de Portugal welcomes chair of the ECB’s Supervisory Board for working meetings

Banco de Portugal recebeu presidente do Conselho de Supervisão do BCE para reuniões de trabalho

The chair of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) Supervisory Board, Andrea Enria, today ended his first official annual visit to Banco de Portugal for working meetings with the Vice-Governor, Elisa Ferreira, with staff members from the prudential supervision department and representatives of the banking sector.

Throughout his three-day visit, Mr Enria had the opportunity to analyse the situation of the Portuguese banking sector and to meet with the staff of Banco de Portugal involved in the supervision of European significant institutions to discuss common challenges and exchange experiences.

One of the working sessions included the executive chairpersons of the significant banks with their head office in Portugal, as well as the chairman and Deputy Secretary-General of the Portuguese Banking Association (APB).

On Wednesday, Andrea Enria and Elisa Ferreira met about 60 young banking professionals aged under 35, from the various areas of banking activity for an open conversation that included themes such as supervision, suitability, digitalisation, impact and benefits of artificial intelligence, FinTechs, climate change, and the general challenges facing the sector.

Portugal is the sixth eurozone country visited under these circumstances by the chair of the Supervisory Board since he took up the role in January.  

Mr Enria had already been to Portugal in May for the annual outside meeting of the Supervisory Board, which was held in Lisbon this year for the first time.

The ECB’s Supervisory Board, which brings together those responsible for supervision of the eurozone’s Member States, directly supervises the approximately 119 largest banking groups in the euro area. The Board meets regularly every three weeks in Frankfurt, with one of these sessions taking place in a different Member State every year.