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“Digital Financial Literacy: a Strategy for Portugal”

Conferência “Digital Financial Literacy: a Strategy for Portugal”
10 May. 2023
Museu do Dinheiro/Money Museum, Largo de São Julião, Lisboa



Opening remarks
Francisca Guedes de Oliveira, Member of the Board of Directors, Banco de Portugal
Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, European Commission
Fabrizia Lapecorella, Deputy Secretary General, OECD


Digital financial literacy strategy: Presentation and rationale
Main steps of the project – Susana Narciso, Head of the Market Monitoring and Financial Education Division, Banco de Portugal
Analysis of needs and gaps – Thomas Montcourrier, Policy Analyst, OECD
Presentation of the strategy – Chiara Monticone, Senior Policy Analyst, OECD


Involvement of stakeholders in the strategy
Moderation: Maria Lúcia Leitão, Head of the Banking Conduct Supervision Department, Banco de Portugal
Pedro Cunha, Director General of the Directorate General for Education, Ministry of Education
Carmen Rasquete, Secretary General, Portuguese Association for Victim Support
Vítor Bento, Chairman, Portuguese Banking Association
António Cunha, President, Norte Portugal Regional Coordination and Development Commission
Maria da Graça Moniz, Regional Director, Regional Directorate for Citizenship and Social Affairs of Madeira
Óscar Afonso, Director, Faculty of Economics of the University of Porto


Closing remarks
Mário Centeno, Governor, Banco de Portugal