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Rita Sousa

Fields of study: 



Economics and Research Department





Ph.D. in Statistics and Risk Management, Faculty of Science and Technology - New University of Lisbon

Specialization in Statistics, (Unanimously Approved), Faculty of Science and Technology - New University of Lisbon, 2009-20138


Professional experience:

Senior Data Analyst, Banco de Portugal, Microdata Research Laboratory (BPLIM), Economics and Research Department, since 2015

Methodologist, Statistics Portugal, Department of Methodology and Information Systems at Statistics Portugal, 2000-2015

Informatics Technician, BPI Investment, Post-academic training, 1999


Teaching experience:

Invited Assistant Professor, Porto Business School, Post-Graduation in Information Management and Marketing Intelligence, 2009-2011

Invited Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science - University of Porto, Department of Applied Mathematics, 2000-2009