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Update of data for non-financial corporations from the Central Balance-Sheet Database - years 2012 and 2013

The Sector Tables and Enterprise Sector Tables have been updated incorporating new annual data for 2012 and 2013 from the Simplified Corporate Information.

The Sector Tables provide indicators on economic activity sectors and size classes of the Portuguese non-financial corporations and include a set of European ratios for each sector.
These tables (as well as Sector Table Long Time Series) may be consulted at the Banco de Portugal’s website (see Related Information) and at BPstat | Statistics online, in the multidimensional component.

The Enterprise Sector Tables are made available free of charge by the Banco de Portugal to enterprises in the ‘Corporate Area’ (see Related Information).

With this update, most recent information for around 5,500 enterprises was included in the Sector Tables, in relation to the 1st edition of 2013 data, leading to an increase of 84 aggregates with representativeness greater than 90%.

Number of available aggregates (economic activity and size class combinations)

Lisbon, 26 May 2015