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Statistical Press Release - Securities issues - March 2019

Today, Banco de Portugal publishes statistics, in Table A.25 of the Statistical Bulletin and in BPstat, on issues of debt securities and shares for March 2019.

In March 2019 net issues (gross issues minus redemptions) of securities by residents reached €0.6 billion. This amount is accounted for by positive net issues of debt securities by non-financial corporations and the general government, worth €0.7 and €0.8 billion respectively. These amounts were partly offset by negative net issues of debt securities by the financial sector, to the amount of €0.9 billion (Charts 1 and 2).

The outstanding amount of securities issued by residents totalled €465.8 billion, up by €2.7 billion from February (Chart 3). In addition to the positive net issues mentioned before, this increase was mainly due to the valuation of listed shares issued by non-financial corporations and debt securities issued by the general government (Chart 4).

Next update: 12 Jun. 2019