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Statistical Press Release – General government financing – November 2019

Today, Banco de Portugal publishes statistics, in Table A.15 of the Statistical Bulletin and in BPstat, on general government financing for November 2019.

Between January and November 2019, general government financing stood at €120 million, lower than €1.9 billion in the corresponding period in 2018 (Chart 1).

Since the beginning of the year, general government has obtained financing abroad and from residents (except for banks) to the amount of €0.4 billion and €0.1 billion respectively. Conversely, financing obtained by the general government from resident banks amounted to -€0.4 billion (Chart 2). 

Financing through securities amounted to €2.0 billion, largely offset by the €1.9 billion reduction in loans net of deposits.

Next update: 20 Feb. 2020