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Press Release of the Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission of Belgium (CBFA)

Banco de Portugal informs the public that the Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA) has issued the press release presented below. The original version can be referred to in the following website:

The Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission (CBFA), in consultation with Banco de España, hereby warns the public against certain offers made to people to participate in a transfer of funds into an account opened in their name with KBC International Bank SA, an entity presented as having an office in Madrid, Spain.

Based on the information available to the CBFA, these offers show many signs of being “Nigerian scams” (Nigerian scams are described in the “Consumers’ Protection” page on the Commission’s website).

KBC International Bank SA, Madrid, is an unknown company and has not been authorized to provide banking services. Furthermore, it is not in any way related to KBC Bank SA, a Belgian credit institution whose name is manifestly being abused with a view to confusing people.

Additional information about the regularity of any transaction proposed can be found on the Investors' page on the Commission’s website (, or through direct contact with the "Protection of Consumers of Financial Services" Department (telephone: +32 2 220 59 10; e-mail address: