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Press release of the Banco de Portugal on the 2022 Annual Report on Cooperation

The 2022 Annual Report on Cooperation, published today, sums up the Banco de Portugal’s cooperation activity with its counterparts in emerging and developing countries, falling under Official Development Assistance.

In 2022 the Banco de Portugal was involved in 182 cooperation activities, mainly pertaining to capacity building and institutional dialogue with the central banks of Portuguese-speaking countries as its main partners. 

2022 Annual Report on Cooperation in numbers

The activities (63% of which remotely) focused on central banking governance and mission domains, mainly statistics, supervision and financial stability, with increasing interest in topics relating to digital assets and climate change.

The XXXII Lisbon Meeting, the activities on crypto-assets and central bank digital currency, the seminar on climate change and the impact of training on central banks are highlighted in the report, which also evaluates cooperation in international bodies.