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Portugal a pioneer in adhering to the IMF's new statistical communication system

Portugal joins a select group of countries that today adheres to the International Monetary Fund's new statistical communication system, the SDDS Plus (the Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus).

The SDDS Plus is an avant-garde communication system that will allow the international dissemination of high-quality, more detailed and more comparable statistical information.

Adherence to the SDDS Plus strengthens the credibility of Portuguese statistics and is the result of combined work from Banco de Portugal, Statistics Portugal and the Ministry of Finance, that has allowed all the IMF's requirements to be fulfilled.

Alongside Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Spain, Sweden and the United States are adhering today.

The SDDS Plus

The SDDS Plus is the IMF's new statistical communication system.

It is the successor to the SDDS, the system created by the IMF in 1996 to strengthen transparency, integrity, timeliness and quality of international statistical information. Portugal adhered to the SDDS in October 1998.

The SDDS Plus is a more rigorous, more detailed system that features new statistical information, created to address certain information gaps identified during the global financial crisis.

To adhere to the SDDS Plus, countries have to fulfil additional requirements beyond those inherent to the SDDS, regarding nine statistical information categories, and have to adopt best practice on coverage, periodicity and timeliness, accessibility, integrity and quality of the information disseminated.

Lisbon, 18 November 2014