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New release calendar in BPstat – Statistics online for balance sheet and interest rate data of monetary financial institutions

Banco de Portugal has decided to pre-release in BPstat – Statistics online, as of the present month, data on monetary and financial statistics regarding the balance sheet and interest rates of monetary financial institutions, which are published monthly in Chapter B of the Statistical bulletin. The swifter availability of these statistics is intended to meet the users’ requirements, and is the result of the optimisation of the respective compilation process.

BPstat – Statistics online is therefore releasing today the abovementioned data for September 2008, which will be included in the November issue of the Statistical bulletin, scheduled to be published on the Banco de Portugal’s website on 20 November.

We also inform that data for October 2008 will be published in BPstat – Statistics online on 9 December. Please find below the calendar for the respective release in 2009.

Balance sheet and interest rate statistics of MFI - 2009 (1)

Lisbon, 10 November 2008

(1) Release date of information pertaining to the month in brackets.