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Banco de Portugal publishes the Sector Tables of the Central Balance-Sheet Database for 2009

Banco de Portugal publishes today in BPstat | Statistics online the Sector Tables of 2009, produced from annual data of the Central Balance-Sheet Database. Economic and financial information presented in these Tables correspond to aggregated data, by sector of economic activity, of individual accounting records of non-financial companies of the Central Balance-Sheet Database.

Annual data of the Central Balance-Sheet Database is gathered from Annex A of IES – Simplified Corporate Information (Informação Empresarial Simplificada, in the Portuguese acronym). Previously to the aggregation and publication, accounting data submitted by companies are subject to specific quality checks performed in the Central Balance-Sheet Database of Banco de Portugal. The multidimensional analysis of BPstat | Statistics online disseminates data back to 1991, with the information up to 2005 being taken from the companies answers to the annual questionnaire of the Central Balance-Sheet Database, which was discontinued with the implementation of IES.

Besides the sectoral aggregates disseminated through BPstat | Statistics online, Central Balance-Sheet Database sends to each company the respective Enterprise and Sector Table, which presents the results of the company produced from its individual data together with indicators of the sector to each the company belongs. Enterprise and Sector Tables for 2009 are sent to each company participating in the aggregates of the Central Balance-Sheet Database.

Banco de Portugal also starts today the release of Central Balance-Sheet Studies. The first edition is devoted to “Enterprise and Sector Tables” and is aimed at disclosing the methodology underlying the compilation of the tables in order to enable a better understanding and use of these figures.

Banco de Portugal will hold the First Conference of the Central Balance-Sheet Database, subject to the theme "Information as a key element to meet challenges faced by companies in the current economic conjuncture", with a session in Porto (December, 13) and other in Lisboa (January, 10). In this Conference, among other topics, will be presented the main aspects related to Enterprise and Sector Tables. Further information about the Conference can be obtained in the following Internet address:

30 November 2010