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Nota de Informação Estatística 20110322

Overview of the first five years of BPstat | Statistics online

BPstat | Statistics online is an interactive system to access the statistical data disseminated by the Banco de Portugal. Five years after its inception, BPstat already exceeds 10 000 registered users (Chart 1).

Chart 1 - Evolution of the BPstat 's number of registered users and active subscriptions (up to 2010-12-31)

The use of BPStat is free of charges and does not require registration. However, registration is essential to allow the user to benefit from a range of services, e.g., to save in his/her personal area the tables designed (where they will be automatically updated) and to subscribe to an alert service via e-mail, which will be sent whenever the selected information is updated.

The users that are registered come mainly from non-financial corporations (32%) and universities (30%); 16% comes from financial institutions and 7% from General Government (Chart 2).

Chart 2 - BPstat main user groups (up to 31-12-2010)

The monetary and financial statistics are the most frequently viewed (39%), followed by balance of payments and IIP statistics (Chart 3).

Chart 3 - BPstat's registered users queries

BPstat data can be extracted in time series format and via multidimensional analysis. The latter enables the crossing of various dimensions of the series (e.g. country and institutional sector), allowing for more detailed data.

Following its launching in January 2006, BPstat has extended the range of statistical series disseminated and has made available new statistical domains (Table 1).

All daily time series are updated three times a day, with a view to making them available to the users immediately after its production.

BPstat allows access not only to the more recent data but also to long time series, e.g.: the consumer price index, since 1977;, the Banco de Portugal statistical balance-sheet, since 1979; securities issues statistics, since 1989; and historical time series on the annual exchange rate of the escudo for 124 currencies, eight of which with data starting in 1891.