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Money Museum wins distinction from the Numismatic Forum

The opening of the Money Museum was considered by the Numismatic Forum as the Numismatic Event of the Year in 2016, which stands out due to its national relevance.

Created in 2008, the Numismatic Forum (Fórum dos Numismatas) ( is a website dedicated to professionals and amateurs in the numismatic field and collectors in general. Its main purpose is to disseminate numismatics and encourage an interest in collecting.

Playing a role as an online meeting place for discussion in the numismatics field, the Forum has the collaboration of a community of experts and approximately 1,500 members who, in an initiative called "Numismatas Award", vote and elect entities that stand out in a range of categories related to numismatics in Portugal.  

As part of this initiative, the opening of the Money Museum in 2016 was voted by the experts participating in the Forum as the most important numismatic event of the year. This shows the impact of the Museum among the specialist community and recognises the significance of its collection and activities for numismatics and notaphily in Portugal.