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Information on euro banknote counterfeiting in Portugal in 2015

During 2015, 8,587 counterfeit banknotes were withdrawn from circulation in Portugal, a decrease of around 7% compared to the year before.

The €20 banknote continues to be the most counterfeited denomination both in Portugal and in the euro area as a whole.

Number of counterfeit banknotes seized in Portugal

<p>Denomination</p> 1st half2nd halfTotal1st half2nd halfTotal
Eur 5393675275077
Eur 10350596946285326611
Eur 202,2952,4604,7552,3772,3784,755
Eur 501,8291,0592,8881,0121,3922,404
Eur 100265212477327273600
Eur 200453883583896
Eur 500111526123244

Source: Counterfeiting Monitoring System (CMS) 11.01.2016

Counterfeit banknotes may be recognised without extra verification aids, by carefully observing the security features aimed at the general public using the ‘feel-look-tilt’ test described on Banco de Portugal’s website (see Related information), where you can find other useful information on cash in the Banknotes and Coins section.

Lisbon, 22 January 2016