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Information on the counterfeiting of euro banknotes in Portugal in 2014

During 2014, 9,250 counterfeit banknotes were withdrawn from circulation in Portugal, representing a 39% decrease on the previous year.

The denomination most counterfeited was the 20 euro banknote, representing 51.4% of the banknotes seized. This trend is also reflected in the euro area.

Number of counterfeit banknotes seized in Portugal

<p>Denomination</p> 1st half2nd halfTotal1st half2nd halfTotal
Eur 5323870393675
Eur 10189278467350596946
Eur 20162517433368229524604755
Eur 50404718895936182910592888
Eur 100403268671265212477
Eur 2009973172453883
Eur 5001344744487111526

Source: Counterfeiting Monitoring System (CMS) 13.01.2015

The number of counterfeits seized is extremely low compared to the number of genuine banknotes in circulation.

The counterfeit banknotes detected in Portugal in 2014 represented just 1.1% of the counterfeit banknotes seized in the euro area.

The counterfeit banknotes detected may be identified without the use of ancillary equipment, just through careful observation of the security features designed for public use, using the 'feel-look-tilt' methodology. For further information, visit the Banco de Portugal website (see Related information).

Lisbon, 23 January 2015