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Generation €uro Students’ Award: Team from Colégio Luso-Francês (Porto) wins final

The team ‘EuroTugas’ from Colégio Luso-Francês (Porto) won the Portuguese Generation €uro Students’ Award today. The final took place in Banco de Portugal, Lisbon. 

Maria Beatriz Almeida, Martinho Silva, João Afonso Castro, José Pedro Guimarães and their teacher Glória Teixeira, from Colégio Luso-Francês (Porto), were awarded first prize, which they received from the Governor of Banco de Portugal, Carlos da Silva Costa, and will go to Frankfurt am Main (Germany) on 20 April to take part in the European prize-giving ceremony. 

The Generation €uro Students’ Award is the first competition for schools on monetary policy organised by the European Central Bank and the Eurosystem national central banks. This initiative aims to raise awareness among secondary school students about the importance of the euro’s monetary policy and price stability.

The following teams took part in the final:

  • EuroTugas - Colégio Luso-Francês (Porto) - 1st place
  • €uro, pá - Escola Secundária de São Lourenço (Portalegre) - 2nd place
  • Setúbal&Azeitão - Escola Secundária du Bocage  (Setúbal) - 3rd place
  • €uroStudents - Escola Secundária D. Sancho II (Elvas) - 4th place (tied)
  • Economics&Co - Colégio Liceal de Santa Maria de Lamas (Aveiro) - 4th place (tied)


The jury for the final was chaired by the Vice-Governor of Banco de Portugal, José Berberan Ramalho, and comprised other members of staff from Banco de Portugal and two journalists.

Competition rounds

In October 2015, Banco de Portugal invited Portugal’s secondary schools to take part in the Portuguese Generation €uro Students’ Award. In the first round of the competition, students answered a questionnaire on the euro’s monetary policy as a team. In total, 182 teams from 78 Portuguese schools participated in this round. 

The teams with the highest marks were invited to write an essay, in which they had to predict the monetary policy decision of March 2016 by the Governing Council of the European Central Bank, giving relevant arguments. 

Of the 29 teams invited to the second round of the competition, 14 submitted essays. The five best were chosen for the competition final, where they defended their arguments in front of the jury.

€uro, pá - Escola Secundária de São Lourenço (Portalegre) - 2nd place


Setúbal&Azeitão - Escola Secundária du Bocage (Setúbal) - 3rd place

€uroStudents - Escola Secundária D. Sancho II (Elvas) - 4th place (tied)
Economics&Co - Colégio Liceal de Santa Maria de Lamas (Aveiro) - 4th place (tied)

Previous awards winners

  • 1st Award (2011/12): Team from São Lourenço Secondary School (Portalegre)
  • 2nd Award (2012/13): Team ‘Europolis’ from D. Sancho II Secondary School (Elvas)
  • 3rd Award (2013/14): Team from Amato Lusitano Secondary School (Castelo Branco)
  • 4th Award (2014/15): São Lourenço Secondary School (Portalegre)

Lisbon, 13 April 2016