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Euro banknote counterfeiting in Portugal in 2011

During 2011, 15,841 counterfeit banknotes were withdrawn from circulation in Portugal, of which the 50-euro banknote was the most common.

In the euro area, the most counterfeited banknote was the 20-euro banknote (around 47.5% of the total).

Number of counterfeit banknotes withdrawn from circulation in Portugal

<p>Denomination</p> 1st Quarter2nd QuarterTotal1st Quarter2nd QuarterTotal
5 Euro81661478347130
10 Euro4796011 080342198540
20 Euro3 2152 5755 7901 9533 6445 597
50 Euro5 7444 41110 1555 2663 4008 666
100 Euro5944941 088439366805
200 Euro10769176344882
500 Euro4082743513821
Total10 6288 24318 8718 1307 71115 841

Source CMS: 10.01.2012

The withdrawn counterfeit banknotes represent an extremely low percentage compared to genuine banknotes in circulation. The total number of counterfeits detected in Portugal in 2011 is less than 2.6% of the total counterfeit banknotes withdrawn in the euro area.

It is also important to note that counterfeits are identifiable without additional equipment, simply requiring careful observation of the security features included for the general public, through the FEEL-LOOK-TILT methodology, described on this site (see related information). In the “Banknotes and Coins” section, you can find other useful information about cash.

Banco de Portugal runs training and information campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness about euro banknotes, aimed at professionals and the general public. The Banknotes and Coins Bulletin contains detailed information on authenticity-checking techniques for banknotes and coins and other cash-related topics.

Lisbon, 16 January 2012