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Entities that are not authorised to provide payment services: Adulai Só

1. Banco de Portugal warns that Adulai Só, taxpayer identification number 229967302, owner and manager of the commercial establishment called “Tuturum Adulai Só” (located in Calçada do Garcia, 44, in Lisbon), is not authorised, on this date, to provide payment services in Portugal, namely money remittance to and from abroad, or to carry on any financial activity subject to the supervision of Banco de Portugal.

2. In Portugal, payment services activities, as envisaged in Article 4 of the legal framework approved in the Annex of the Decree-Law No 91/2018 of 12 November, may only be carried out by authorised entities, in accordance with Article 11 (1) of the mentioned Decree-Law. The list of authorised entities is available for consultation on Banco de Portugal’s website.