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Entities that are not authorised to carry out credit intermediation or provide advisory services for credit agreements: “RRConseils” and “RR Seguros”

1. Banco de Portugal warns that the entities acting under the names “RRConseils” and “RR Seguros” operating through the sites and and on social network “Facebook” (“Rrconseils Assurances Crédits” and “RRConseils Credits & Assurances”), are not authorised to carry out in Portugal any financial activity subject to the supervision of Banco de Portugal, such as intermediation or advisory services related with credit agreements.

2. Credit intermediation activity and the provision of advisory services for credit agreements, as set forth in article 3 (j) and (p) of the legal framework of credit intermediaries approved by Decree-Law No. 81-C/2017, of 7 July 2017, may only be performed by authorized undertakings, as laid down in articles 5 and 7 of the framework applicable to credit intermediaries.

3. The list of undertakings authorised to carry out any financial activity is available on Banco de Portugal´s website.