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Do you want to know how Portuguese enterprises are performing? Consult the new sector tables available online

Banco de Portugal has reformulated the online information it provides on Portuguese non-financial corporations through the:

  • Sector tables – which can be consulted by the public on Banco de Portugal’s website and include a set of economic and financial indicators on Portuguese enterprises, presented by sector of economic activity and size class, as well as ratios of other European countries for each sector of economic activity;
  • Enterprise and sector tables – which can be consulted free of charge by enterprises, following authentication on Banco de Portugal’s website, and that allow managers to compare the performance of their enterprise with that of enterprises in the same economic activity sector and size class.

The “sector tables” and “enterprise and sector tables” are now more interactive and easier to consult. The new tool enables users to visually analyse the main results published, export data to Excel and download a report containing a wide range of indicators on Portuguese enterprises.


Banco de Portugal published updated information on 400 thousand enterprises

The “sector tables” and “enterprise and sector tables” for 2017 have been made available on Banco de Portugal’s website and contain information on approximately 400 thousand enterprises. The “sector tables” include over 5,300 combinations of economic activity sectors and size classes. 

The information contained in these tables is compiled annually by Banco de Portugal based on the data provided by the enterprises in the IES – Simplified Corporate Information (Informação Empresarial Simplificada), which benefits from quality control and non-response estimates.

The information on enterprises from other European countries is collected from the Bank for the Accounts of Companies Harmonized (BACH) database.